Our Team Welcomes Challenge

   - we are undaunted in our pursuit of a cure.


Meet The Team


In my thirty years of traveling through the industry, I have explored a variety of fields ranging from immunology to neurology. These experiences were key in formulating our mission. See my LinkedIn profile to learn more.

David Schwarz, Ph.D.

Founder and CEO

  • David Schwarz

I am dedicated to advancing the understanding of immunological functions through scientific investigation. The capabilities of scientific technology to alter disease progression is what drives my passionate commitment to research.

Victoria Schuster

Research Scientist

  • Victoria Schuster


Our ambition at Proxykine is to convert revolutionary therapeutic ideas into tangible health improvements for patients. I am honored to contribute my expertise and relentless drive to the ProxyKine team. See my LinkedIn profile to learn more.

Francisco Lio

Business Development

  • Francisco Lio